Strive For Excellence

Namchi Public School Stands for the value based education.

Jesus Christ is our Lord and inspiration in carrying out the task of dispelling the darkness and spreading the Light of Knowledge and wisdom.

Namchi Public School

An ariel view of Namchi Public School since its existance 1989 to 2023. A story in itself 



Namchi Public School, Namchi aims at creating individuals who are intellectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole, imbued with the sense of the divine, committed to the cause of justice, love, and peace, and ever open to further growth. It aspires towards creating a humane society free from prejudices, superstitions and discrimination based on sex, religion, caste, creed, and economic status. It strives to inculcate respect for the dignity of the human person and concern for each other, especially the underprivileged in society. To make this mission a reality, it expects parents, guardians, teachers, and well-wishers to share the mission in spirit with the school management and cooperate wholeheartedly in all its endeavors.


Namchi Public School, Namchi was established on 28th of July 1989 by the Education Department of the Government of Sikkim. The School and the property measuring about twenty five acers was handed over to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling-Sikkim in January 1992. NPS is a Christian minority private educational institution owned and administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling-Sikkim.  The Bishop is the President of its Governing Body. It is co-educational English medium school. “STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE” being the motto of the school, the school lays great emphasis on academic performance, development of skills, character formation and all-round development of the person bases on the love of God and the Service of humanity. It seeks to create a spirit designed to encourage growth in the exercise of responsible freedom, respect for human personality, appreciation of true values and enlightened awareness of the responsibilities of knowledge, love and service. As part of the training of the students, an endeavor is made to guide the students to choose those recreational, cultural and creative activities which will contribute to their spiritual, moral, mental and physical wellbeing and enable them to become whole persons and worthy citizens of this country.

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