We look at things as we are.  Therefore, we come across many outlooks on a given subject.  Only when the right colours are merged, we get the correct picture.  Education can also be seen in this way.  Once during the inspection of a school, the Inspector asked the headmaster whether religion was taught in that school. The headmaster was taken aback, “we teach nothing else” he replied. “How can we teach Geography, the earth, the universe and the whole of creation without bringing in the Creator?  How can talk about Biology and life itself without talking about the source of life?  How can we understand History and the events in time without understanding the one who guides our destiny?”, he went on and on.

Yes, I cannot think of education that is not linked to God.  He is the beginning and end of all knowledge. Mahatma Buddha was reluctant to talk about God in his discourses.  Once his disciples insisted on the topic of God.  He asked the disciples to look out of the window.  There were plenty of beautiful and majestic trees outside.  “Have you seen that banyan tree?”, he asked.  “Yes”, they said in unison.  “Have you seen that pine tree?”, he enquired.  “Many times,”, was their reply.  “Have you seen that Jamun tree behind it?”, he wanted to know.  The questions were similar.  The disciples were fed up. “We have seen thousands of trees”, they retorted.  Buddha was not annoyed.  “When you look at a tree and see a tree, you have not seen a tree.  When you look at a tree and see a miracle, then you have seen a tree. Then I don’t have to talk about God.”  When we see God’s hand in everything, we are fully educated.

Fr. George A D’Souza