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Namchi Public School, Namchi was established on 28th of July 1989 by the Education Department of the Government of Sikkim. The School and the property measuring about twenty five acers was handed over to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling-Sikkim in January 1992. NPS is a Christian minority private educational institution owned and administered by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling-Sikkim.  The Bishop is the President of its Governing Body. It is co-educational English medium school. “STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE” being the motto of the school, the school lays great emphasis on academic performance, development of skills, character formation and all-round development of the person bases on the love of God and the Service of humanity. It seeks to create a spirit designed to encourage growth in the exercise of responsible freedom, respect for human personality, appreciation of true values and enlightened awareness of the responsibilities of knowledge, love and service. As part of the training of the students, an endeavour is made to guide the students to choose those recreational, cultural and creative activities which will contribute to their spiritual, moral, mental and physical wellbeing and enable them to become whole persons and worthy citizens of this country.


Namchi Public School, Namchi aims at creating individuals who are intellectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole, imbued with the sense of the divine, committed to the cause of justice, love, and peace, and ever open to further growth. It aspires towards creating a humane society free from prejudices, superstitions and discrimination based on sex, religion, caste, creed, and economic status. It strives to inculcate respect for the dignity of the human person and concern for each other, especially the underprivileged in society. To make this mission a reality, it expects parents, guardians, teachers, and well-wishers to share the mission in spirit with the school management and cooperate wholeheartedly in all its endeavors.

How to Reach Us


P.O. Namchi, South Sikkim, 737126


Phone Numbers

School                                                              (03595) 295888

Principal                                                          (03595)299906

Vice Principal                                                  (03595)299913

Hostel Superintendent                                     (03595)299913

Girls’ Hostel                                                    (03595)263720

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+91 9641306010

(03595) 299906 / 299913


Namchi Public School

Damthang Road, Upper Ghurpisey 03 Ward, South Sikkim Namchi 737126



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Namchi Public School, Namchi, was established on the 28th of July, 1989 by the Education Department of the Government of Sikkim. The school and the property measuring about twenty-five acres were handed over to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Darjeeling-Sikkim in January 1992. The school is under the religious jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Darjeeling-Sikkim. The Bishop is the President of its Governing Body.

The school aims at the education of the people of Sikkim and extends its services to the people in the neighbourhood to the extent possible. “Strive for Excellence” being the motto of the school, the school lays great emphasis on academic performance, development of skills, character formation and all-around development of the person based on the love of God and the service of man.

Namchi Public School conducts classes from 1 to Class 12. It is a co-educational institution. The medium of instruction is English. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. It is situated in Namchi, South District of Sikkim at an altitude of about 4700 feet above the mean sea level. Hindi, Nepali and Tibetan are taught as second languages. It is compulsory for the pupils to take one of these languages. Students of Class 5, 6 and 7 are taught Hindi/Nepali as third languages.

As sports and games are considered as an inseparable part of integral education today, the school provides ample opportunities for physical development. Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Kho Kho, Table tennis, Taekwondo and Athletics are some of the more popular sports and games played in the school. The school has two hostels; the one for boys is run by the Fathers and that for the girls by the C.J. Sisters. Besides academic subjects, elocution, dramatics, debates, quiz and music contests are conducted regularly as co-curricular activities.


The school year begins in February and ends in December.

The academic year is divided into three terms:

1st Term February, March, April and May.

2nd Term June, July, August & September.

3rd Term October, November and December.

The programme for the current year is indicated in the pages of this calendar. Classes begin daily with assembly at 9.00 am and end at 330 pm. On Saturdays, the school ends at 1240 pm Regular attendance is essential. Therefore, except in cases of illness, prior permission must be obtained from the Principal/Vice Principal for absence from class

Students who are not willing to follow the school discipline will be asked to leave the school. A student who has done something harmful to others or has injured the good name of the school or is habitually irregular in his/her work and attendance or has failed to secure promotion for two consecutive years will be asked to leave the school. The discipline is formation-oriented, based on the concept of freedom with responsibility. Therefore, the management

will be kind but strict Boarders asked to leave the hostel on disciplinary grounds will automatically cease to be students of the school.


a) Checking frequently their children’s attendance and behaviour.

b) Duly sending the leave/exemption notes. c) Sending their children to school on time on all class days and to all the activities of the school.

d) Seeing that they study regularly at home. e) Seeing that they do their homework.

f) Signing against the remarks in the remarks column. g) Paying the Tuition Fees and other fees on time.

h) Meeting the Principal / Vice Principal and Teachers concerned about the progress of the child in the school.

i) Inculcating divine and moral values.

j) Accepting and supporting the disciplinary actions taken by the school authorities.

  1. FEES FOR OLD DAY SCHOLARS: Tuition fees must be paid for 12 months a year irrespective

of when the student is admitted to / withdrawn from the school. The tuition fee must be paid on or before the 9th of every month Late fee will be charged @ Rs. 5/- per day. If fees are not paid by the end of the prescribed month, the student will not be allowed to attend classes. The tuition fees for the month of January for the coming year should be paid by November 9 of the preceding year